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Upper Midwest Gathering, 2003

The 4th Annual, Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering was held May 16-18 in sunny Wisconsin Dells.  To see the list of attendees click here.  To see the schedule for the gathering, click here. From 3 to 5 pm, on Friday afternoon we met up at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort.  At 5:30pm we headed over to the Loose Moose Bar and Grill for dinner.  The only bad part was the road construction on the way to Loose Moose.  We had to go through gravel. :(  After dinner a few of us went over to the Ho-Chunk Casino.

Saturday morning we gathered in the parking lot of the resort.   At 9:30am we caravaned over to the Automotion Car Show.  We spent a few hours looking over the cars there.  At 12:30 we drove over to the Pizza Pub for lunch.   They have an awesome pizza buffet.  A few people showed up while we were in there eating.   After lunch, we went on the Original Wisconsin Ducks. This was a one hour cruise along the Wisconsin river, part on land, part on water.  Next we rode some go-karts over at Fast Track.  We managed to get 15 carts out on the track at one time.  Woo-hoo!  To finish off our Saturday we spent the night at the resort and had a little cookout and later we went cruising on the main drag of Wisconsin Dells.

Sunday morning we all saddled up for the rural cruise at 10:30am.   Keeping 25 cars on the cruise was a challenge.  After the rural cruise we had lunch at Danny's Diner.  This brought us to about 3pm.  This ended the Upper Midwest Gathering and most people headed home after this.  Aaron, Tonya, Stacy and myself did do some mini-golf later that day.

Thanks to everyone who came out to this awesome event.  Hope to see you all next year.  Enjoy the pics!!


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At the hotel on Friday.  After I buffed out the Stealth
tm-hotel2.jpg (4193 bytes)
The funhouse effect
tm-hotel3.jpg (4925 bytes) tm-loose1.jpg (2701 bytes)
At Loose Moose
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More Loose Moose pics
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tm-car-show1.jpg (2920 bytes)
At the Automotion car show
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H2 Hummer
tm-car-show7.jpg (2904 bytes)
Had about 21 cars at the car show
tm-pizza1.jpg (2577 bytes)
At the Pizza Pub
tm-pizza2.jpg (2722 bytes) tm-pizza3.jpg (2817 bytes) tm-pizza4.jpg (2648 bytes)
Good shot of all the cars
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tm-ducks1.jpg (2388 bytes)
On the Duck boats
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The rest of our group on the other Duck boat.
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The other Duck boat
tm-go-karts1.jpg (3930 bytes)
Go-karts.  Matt C. leaning into the curve
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Cookout at the resort
tm-cookout2.jpg (3489 bytes)
Aaron's 93 SL
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Gene, Curt, Levi
tm-cookout7.jpg (3057 bytes)
Francis's 96 TT
tm-cookout8.jpg (2712 bytes) tm-cookout9.jpg (3454 bytes)
The master chefs in action
tm-cruise1.jpg (3364 bytes)
Best shot on the Rural Cruise
tm-cruise2.jpg (1669 bytes)
Really stretched out Rural Cruise pic
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The grass was really long
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tm-cruise10.jpg (3222 bytes) tm-cruise11.jpg (2927 bytes) tm-cruise12.jpg (3441 bytes)
Proof that this is a "Rural" cruise. :-)
tm-cruise13.jpg (2994 bytes)
Group shot
tm-dannys1.jpg (2944 bytes)
At Danny's Diner
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