The Schedule

Friday, May 16th
3-5pm Meet up at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort.  Their check-in time is anytime after 3pm.  I'll already be there from the night before
5:30pm - 7pm  Caravan from the hotel over to dinner at Loose Moose Bar and Grill.
7:30pm - 10pm After supper, we'll go back to the hotel and at 7:30 we'll caravan to the Ho-Chunk Casino which is a few miles south of Wisconsin Dells.
Saturday, May 17th
8:30 - 9am Meet up at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort  We'll drive over to the Automotion Car Show at Noah's Ark.
9:30am - noon Attending  the 2003 Automotion Car Show at Noah's Ark.  There will be over 700 show cars there.  Admission is free.   It will take some time to see all of these cars.  This is one of the largest car shows in the Upper Midwest.
Noon - 1:30pm Lunch at the Pizza Pub.  We ate here last year.  Really good service and a buffet for pizza lovers.
2pm - 3:30pm A tour on the Original Wisconsin Ducks.  We took the ducks on our first Upper Midwest Gathering.   It was a lot of fun.  Part of the trip is on land, and part on water.
4 - 6pm Go-karts at Extreme Go-Karts or Fast Track Go-Carts.  I'd like to try Fast Track because its a better track, but we've had some issues with it being closed in the past.
6:30 - 10pm Cookout at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort.  Bring your own grilling food and we'll cook it.  We will have charcoal grills and picnic tables set up.  There will also be beach volleyball, swimming and a bonfire later on in the evening.   Afterwards some of us may go cruising down the main drag of Wisconsin Dells.  We did this last year and stumbled upon the biggest collection of cars with neon and strobe lights ever!!  :-)
Sunday, May 18th
9:30 - 10:30am Meet up at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort  Check out time for Baker's is 10am.  If you need to store anything, you can put it in my room.  I'll be staying an extra night.  Once everyone is there, we'll head out for a rural cruise.
10:30am - 1pm A rural cruise around Wisconsin Dells.  Just west of the Dells are some very twisty and hilly roads.  We will stop a few places along the way to get some pictures of our cars.  In year's past the rural cruise has provided some spectacular pictures of our cars.
1pm  - 2:30pm At the end of the Rural Cruise we will have lunch at Danny's Diner. Danny's is a "back to the 50s" style restaurant.   We ate here last year.   The owner has a couple of pictures hanging on the wall of us in front of the diner.
2:30pm and on This concludes the 4th Annual Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering.   For anyone else who is sticking around later, I may go try the Jet boats or do some mini-golf.  Everyone is welcome to join us for that.  Last year most people headed for home at this point
Thanks for coming!!!!!