Willmar Car Show 1999

The 1999 Willmar Car Show was on May 16th.  The gates opened at 7am, but Derek and I didn't arrive until after 9am.  Derek and I met in Willmar at a Perkins restaurant at 7:15am.  We went in and ate breakfast and thought at that time we were not going to the show.  The weather was really crappy.  The roads were wet and it looked like rain at any time.  After breakfast, we drove around a little and decided to go to the show because the weather was looking a little better, and heck we were already there.  We went through a local car wash and then headed over to the show.  There was only half as many cars as last years show, but we still had a lot of fun.

We had on and off rain the whole day.  But we did have one major surprise.  John Basol and his girlfriend show up to check out the show.  John drove his 91 Laser so he didn't enter the show, but that was really great that he came.  There was five cars in our class (82-96 modified).  The best car was an 85 Trans Am that had a really nice chrome engine with a blower.  Ironicly enough the owner of this Trans Am, also owns a base 3000GT.  Derek and I had a blast and we may try to hit another show this year.  I did manage to win a third place plaque for our class.  It looks pretty nice.  I guess that new paint job paid off.

The Trans Am next to me won first place

It was just a little wet.

Derek's 93 base Stealth

The cars in our class from left to right:  93 base Stealth, 95 R/T TT, 85 Trans Am, 90? Mustang, 89? Mustang.