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Video Gathering, 2003

On February 1st, 2003 a bunch of us got together at my house to watch 3/S videos.   First we met up at Denny's Diner in Rogers at 11am for lunch.  After lunch we drove over to my place.  John had created a couple of videos with footage from past gatherings.  Russ brought his 1991 3000GT promo video.  Taishi had some awesome racing footage from Japan.  Chris and Francis had tons of videos from the internet.   It was a great afternoon of TV watching.  Thanks to everyone who brought videos and thanks to everyone who came.  We had a strong turnout.  John, Russ, Darrick, James, Curt Gross, Francis, Chris D, Andy, Matt J, Derek H, Taishi, Kim, and Rich were all there.  WOW!

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John, Russ, Darrick, James
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Everybody saying, "Curt can we go in now!"
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Chris, Andy
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Matt's Avenger
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At Curt's house
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Taishi, Kim, Chris D
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Derek Hayes' pocket rocket
(aka the little Nova that could)
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A 9 meg Quicktime Movie

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