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Upper Midwest Gathering, 2002

On May 17-19, 2002 the Third Annual Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering got started.  For the complete list of all who attended, click here.  To see the schedule for the gathering, click here. From 3 to 5 pm, on Friday afternoon we met up at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort.  At 5:30pm we headed over to Damon's for supper.  The food and the big screen TVs at Damon's was awesome.  Our waiter and waitress, on the other hand, were terrible.  One table got there check right away and the other table took another 30 minutes to get there check.  After supper some of us headed over to the Big Sky Drive-In theater.  Scorpion King was playing on one screen and Spiderman was on the other screen.

Saturday morning we gathered in the parking lot of the resort.   At 9:30am we caravaned over to the Automotion Car Show.  We spent a few hours looking over the cars there.  At 12:30 we drove over to the Pizza Pub for lunch.   They have an awesome pizza buffet.  A few people showed up while we were in there eating.   After lunch, we went on the scenic Lower Dells Boat tour.  This was a one hour cruise along the Wisconsin river.  Next we rode some go-karts over at Extreme World.  To finish off our Saturday we spent the night at the resort and had a little cookout.

Sunday morning we all saddled up for the rural cruise at 10:30am.   After the rural cruise we had lunch at Danny's Diner.  This brought us to about 3pm.  This ended the Upper Midwest Gathering and everyone went home.  Stacy and I stayed another night and did some mini-golf and had the hotel to ourselves. ;)  Hope everyone had a great time and we'll see you next year!!

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