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The Upper Midwest Gathering, 2000

On May 19-21, 2000, 3/S owners from across the Upper Midwest met up in Wisconsin Dells for a weekend of fun.  The headquarters for all the events was Baker's Sunset Bay Resort.  Check out the complete schedule of events here.  

The list of owners who attended the events include:

Curt Gendron 95 black Stealth R/T TT Edina, MN
John Basol 95 green Stealth R/T TT Excelsior, MN
Oskar Persson 95 white Stealth R/T TT Plymouth, MN
Scott Cowan 92 black 3000GT VR4 Waukesha, WI
Mark Millard 96 black 3000GT VR4 Bloomington, MN
Derek Hayes 93 red Stealth base Marshall, MN
Derek Gaudish 93 green Stealth base Minnetonka, MN
Dan Hedlund 99 black 3000GT VR4 Brooklyn Park, MN
Ahmed 92 red 3000GT VR4 Chicago, IL
Shawn Tripet 93 red 3000GT base Spring Park, MN
Vineet Singh 92 blue Stealth R/T TT Chicago, IL
Mike Murray 94 red 3000GT VR4 Chicago, IL
Mike Gardner 91 chrome illusions Stealth ES IL
Lou Basile 91 white 3000GT VR4 IL
Matt Buff black Stealth R/T WI
Greg ?? 95 Stealth base WI

On Friday afternoon, we met up at the hotel from 3-5pm.  There was 5 or 6 of us that got there by 5pm.  (Oskar, John, Derek G, Derek H, Shawn) We then headed over to Houlihan's to have some supper.  A few people had some watered down drinks.   After Houlihan's, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the drive-in.   Around 8pm, we caravaned over to the drive-in.  The two movies playing were "Battlefield Earth" and "Dinosaur."  Most of us watched Battlefield Earth.  That movie stunk.

On Saturday, we met at the Hotel and drove over to the Automotion Car Show around 9:30am.  We met up with Mike Garnder and Lou Basile at the show.  We lined up all our in the parking lot.  It made for some nice pics.  After the car show, we had lunch at the Pizza Pub.  Greg managed to catch up with our group there.  The food there was excellent and we got some good pictures of our cars in the parking lot.

Around 2:30pm on Saturday, we headed over to the Duck boats.  Matt Buff found us there and rode the Ducks with us.  Our Duck boat driver was a real comedian and he even came over and check out our cars after the tour.  I couldn't get him to do a 6 wheel burnout with the Duck.  Darn!

At 4pm, we went to Big Chief's for some go-karts.  John, Ed and I really battled it out.  John's kart had no brakes and he crashed into parked go-karts in the pits.  It was kind of funny.  After the go-karts, we got some food for our cookout at the resort.  We cooked out and had a bonfire at the resort on Saturday night.   A few of us drove around town that night to see what was going on.

Sunday morning we had the rural cruise.  It was tons of fun.  Vineet and Mike Murray met us at the hotel that morning for the cruise.  We got some great pics of our cars on some of the scenic roads.  After the cruise, we ate at Danny's Diner.   The owner said he would put up a picture of all our cars in front of his diner.   So after we ate, we lined them all up for another photo shoot.  I can't wait to see the picture in the restaurant.  We ran late at the diner, so we cancelled the Jet Boats.

Most people left after this.  Vineet, Mike Murray and I went over to some other go-karts.  These go-karts ended up being a lot more fun then Saturday's go-karts.  Mike even got tangled up and the workers had to set him free.  It was a blast.  Next, we went and played some mini-golf.  Lets just say, I cleaned up on this event.

After the mini-golf, it was around 6pm and Mike and Vineet headed back to Chicago.   That concluded the Upper Midwest Gathering.  I can't wait until the next one!!

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