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Upper Midwest Gathering 2000
At the Hotel Friday Night

These pics were taken at the hotel before we headed over to Houlihans on Friday night.  People started to show up at the hotel between 3 and 5pm.  We left for Houlihan's around 5:30pm.

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Curt, Oskar, and John talking cars Oskar's 95 R/T TT, Shawn's 93 3000GT base, Derek H's 93 Stealth base, and Curt's 95 R/T TT Oskar, Shawn, Derek H, Curt
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John was working fast to get his car buffed.   Check out that serious look. More of Curt's 95 R/T TT
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Are ya gettin' sick of looking at this imaculate looking car??  :-)

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