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The Seventh Annual Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering

May 19-21 of 2006


Wow, can you believe we are to the seventh annual Upper Midwest Gathering?   Where has the time gone?  Last year was our biggest one yet with 51 cars and a whoping 65 owners! Check out all the great pictures for year's past:


We'll be doing some of the fun events in the past like go-karts, rural cruise and the cookout at the hotel.  I'm sure we'll find a few new things to do this year as well.  Wisconsin Dells has so much to offer.

Wisconsin Dells is conveniently half way between the Twin Cities and Chicago.  Here are some distance estimators.
To Wisconsin Dells from:
Quad Cities =                230 miles
Cedar Rapids, IA =      180 miles
Chicago, IL =                188 miles
Des Moines, IA =         360 miles
Detroit, MI =                 480 miles
Indianapolis, IN =         380 miles
Milwaukee, WI =          123 miles
Minneapolis, MN =       218 miles
Pittsburgh, PA =            650 miles

We'll have a new mailing list this year.  I'll be using a sign up sheet in the link below.  If you are planning on coming to the Upper Midwest Gathering, please sign up.  If you are on the mailing list, you won't miss any of the updates.

Click here to sign up on the mailing list

See who is signed up for the gathering

We will be staying at  Baker's Sunset Bay Resort again.  They are offering us there "A" rates.  That means rooms start at about $62 a night.  They have single rooms, multi-rooms, and cottages to choose from.  So make your reservations soon.  Call Dawn at 1-800-435-6515.  And check out there website at: http://www.sunsetbayresort.com/

Also check out the Wisconsin Dells websites at: http://www.wisdells.com/  and http://www.dells.com  There is a lot of good info on those websites if you want to plan any other events outside of our events.

I've put together a tenative schedule of events.  Basiclly the gathering will start at 3pm on that Friday and wrap up around 2pm on that Sunday.  Of course you are free to come and go as you please.  Don't feel obligated to attend all the events.   With everyone's busy schedule, its hard to make everything.
The Schedule of Events
Map of Wisconsin Dells

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail here: E-mail

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