Twin City Tire

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Twin City Tire is by far the best Tire shop I've ever been to.   Everyone there is courteous and professional.   And more importantly they understand how precise "car nuts" want there cars to be.  In talking with Jim Miller, the owner, I've established a 10% discount on parts and labor for Minnesota 3/S and Minnesota DSM club members.  Also, club members can get a 15% discount on tires.

I brought my Eclipse there to get the tires balanced, and boy did they balance them.  They use a machine called the Hunter 9700 to balance your tire and rim together.  They use downforce pounds to help balance your tire correctly.  Their machine can measure stuff that other places just can't measure.  The cost for getting your tires "premium" balanced is $25 a tire, but when you see what they do, you'll understand why.  I scanned in a brochure for the Hunter 9700 below.   Check it out and learn everything there is about tire balancing.  Twin City Tire also does alignments, transmissions, brakes, and has a full display of custom rims and tires.

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It is 173k


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