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Summer Gathering, 2001

On July 29th, 2001, we had the 3rd annual Summer Gathering at Shawn and Ed's place on Lake Minnetonka.  We had a BBQ and talked a lot of cars.  Some people went out on the lake with Ed.  There were also a few people that checked out Ed's racing simulator.  We had some new members join us for the first time and a lot of the old veterans.  The list of members were: Oskar, Matt, Jeremy, Russ, Derek H, Stacy, Derek G, Cheri, Mike P, Shawn, James, Aaron N, Mark, Chris D, Rich, Steve, Francis, and Curt.   There were a few members there without there cars.  The weather was beautiful, and everyone had a great time!

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All lined up Jeremy's 3000GT is the closest one.
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Mike's 97 VR4 and Shawn's 95 VR4 Spyder
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Jeremy, Russ, Curt and so on...
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Matt and Sharon's Avenger
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From left to right Chris, Rich, Cheri, Derek G, Aaron N, James, Stacy, Derek H, Curt, Russ, Jerermy, Shawn, Mike.
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Chris's 94 R/T TT
tm-summer200110.jpg (3159 bytes)
Mark's 91 R/T TT
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People are gawking at Chris's stereo

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