Rural Minnesota Cruise, May 1999
The day was Saturday, May 1st, 1999.  We all met at the Houlihan's restaurant in Eagan.  The attendees included: T, Oskar, Francis, Justin, John, Shawn and myself.  Oskar stayed just for the meeting at Houlihan's.  After talking and taking pictures in the parking lot for over an hour, we took off in a caravan of six cars for our rural Minnesota cruise.  Our voyage took us to Hastings along the Mississippi where we took our first stop.  Only problem was the park that we stopped at had the bathrooms locked.  So we also stopped at a gas station.

Next we made another stop along side a curvy county road.  I jumped out and took a picture of the sign, which can be seen below.  The next stretch of road was a lot of fun!!  Lots of curves and hills.  Most of the curves had posted speeds of 30-40mph.  Most of us doubled those speeds.  One straight away saw me reach very high speeds.   Right after this we saw two County cops in White Rock, so we drove normal the rest of the way.  The whole trip was very scenic.  It changed from suburb concrete, to large farms, to bluffs looking over the river, to rolling hills and state forests.

Our last stop was in Cannon Falls.  We stopped at a huge park with a lake.  We had our lunches and took some more pictures.  The trip was a lot of fun.  We had perfect weather for it.  Not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and 70 degrees.  WOW!
T, Shawn, Justin, Francis, Curt, Oskar, Francis(for sale), John
Next several pictures at Holihan's in Eagan.
Another picture of the four 95-96 Stealth TTs.
Curt, Francis, John, and Oskar
Curt, John, Justin, Francis, Shawn, and T.  At the park in Cannon Falls.
A nice curvy stretch of road ahead.  The sign says, "Limited Visibility Next 2 Miles, Drive with Care"
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