Rock Falls Raceway, May 2000

Several members met up at Champs restaurant, at 6am on May 13th, 2000,  for a trip over to Rock Falls Raceway for some drag racing.  This was the first Import day of the year.  Mark W, John, Jurgen and myself, met there.  A few DSM buddies also met us there.  The weather was very cold.  It was in the 40s all day.  A few other DSMs came a little later.   7 of the top 12 fastest cars there were Mitsubishis.

Drag times are here

tm-rockfalls05001.jpg (1318 bytes) tm-rockfalls05002.jpg (1734 bytes) tm-rockfalls05003.jpg (1856 bytes)
Mark blasting down the track Some DSMs and 3/Ses in the pits.
tm-rockfalls05005.jpg (3187 bytes) tm-rockfalls05006.jpg (3398 bytes) tm-rockfalls05007.jpg (4489 bytes)
Ogie, Curt, Bryan, John, Mark, and Jed Mark Cook getting some advice from Steve Hill.

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