Rock Falls, May 1999

Well, the Rock Falls event was a big success.  The racers included: me, Oskar, Francis and Mark.  Justin, T and Chris came to watch.  We also had four DSMs join us, plus an RX7.  It made for quit a caravan from Champs to Rock Falls.

There were only three cars there that were faster than us.  Two DSMs (not in our group) and a Honda Civic with NOS.  The Civic was about the same speed as us.  My ego also took a big hit because Francis and Oskar were getting slightly better times than I was.  I could not get my car past 16.3psi of boost.  While Oskar, and Francis were getting 17psi.  Basically the conclusion I came too, was I need new plugs gapped down to .034 and new wires.  That is the only difference in performance mods between the three cars.  They have the new plugs gapped low and my plugs are original.  By best run was 13.224 sec. @103.47mph.  Oskar got down to 12.99 seconds and I know Francis had a couple of 13.1 runs.

I only saw a couple of Mark's runs.  His clutch is going south so I don't think he pushed it as hard as he could.  I know he had a 13.8 run, but that's the only one I can remember.  90% of the cars there were Hondas and Acuras.  And most of them were in the 15s and 16s.  So our cars were rocketships compared to these.  There was only a total of less than 75 cars there, so we had open time trials.  We could have ran our cars thirty times if we wanted too.

Check out the drag times here

Oskar, Matt, Patrick, Scott, me, Mark, and Francis

T is wondering to himself, "Hmm, these Stealths sure look a lot cooler than my 3000GT."

The only two black 3/Ses in the club.  Mark's 91 and my 95.  Mark is the one with the white t-shirt.

You can't tell I favor my car in all these pictures, can you??

The Evolutions GS-T.  It was running around 15 seconds all day.  It had tons of stickers.  That must have weighed it down because my GSX ran a 14.5 a month ago with just a K&N aircharger.