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Rock Falls, September 2001

Some of us went to Rock Falls for the September Import Day for some drag racing.   The weather was pretty decent.  Mike, Francis, Chris D, Steve, Kim, Mark and I made the trip.  The track wasn't as busy as other Import Days.  It was a lot of fun.  Enjoy the pics........

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Mark lined up to race
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Francis's 96 R/T TT
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Mark is wondering why Francis's car has such small turbos. ;-)
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Mike Weekley's 93 VR4
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Mark's 91 R/T TT
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The Supra just doesn't have the gorgeous lines like the Stealth in the previous frame.
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Mark checking his data logs
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Curt's 95 R/T TT
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Kim's Stealth
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Some badass Stealths!
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Chris's 94 R/T TT
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Hanging out in the pits
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