Rock Falls Raceway, April 2000

Several members met up at Champs restaurant, at 6am on April 22nd,  for a trip over to Rock Falls Raceway for some drag racing.  Francis, Matt, Mark W, Dan and myself, met there.  John and Trevor met us at the track.  I was racing my 96 GSX and John was racing his 84 Chrysler Laser.  Everyone else raced there 3/S.  The weather was pretty nice.   Almost too nice as the temps reached the mid 70s.  A few of us even won two rounds of competition, so we got trophies. (yipee!)

Drag times are here

tm-rockfalls04001.jpg (5766 bytes) tm-rockfalls04002.jpg (4137 bytes) tm-rockfalls04003.jpg (5295 bytes) tm-rockfalls04004.jpg (3761 bytes)
Matt in his 95 Spyder VR4 Trevor in his 3000GT VR4 John in his 84 Laser Mark in his 91 Stealth R/T TT
tm-rockfalls04005.jpg (4365 bytes) tm-rockfalls04006.jpg (4183 bytes) tm-rockfalls04007.jpg (4065 bytes) tm-rockfalls04008.jpg (3774 bytes)
Francis in his 96 Stealth R/T TT Curt in his 96 Eclipse GSX Trevor again Dan in his 99 3000GT VR4
tm-rockfalls04009.jpg (4266 bytes)
Curt against an old Camero.  I won!!!!!!


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