Rock Falls Raceway, October 24th 1999

The day turned out to be just beautiful for drag racing.  John, Mark, Matt, T, and myself met at Champs in Woodbury at our normal 6am.  Of course it was still dark out at that time.  A few DSMers met us there too. (Scott, Patrick, Norm, and Ken)  Oskar met us at the track about an hour after we got there.  It was really cold in the morning.  It was in the mid 20s.  But by the middle of the afternoon, the tempature climbed to the upper 50s.  I can safely say that we all got times that we were satisfied with.  Every one of us, except Oskar, saw personal bests.

The track had only about half as many cars as it usually does.  This meant we had open time trials all morning long.  I had a total of eight runs that day.  The highlight of the day, was watching Oskar blast a 12.68 run.  The time is excellent, but what was really scary, is he hit the brakes at the end because his dial in was 13.0.  That run could have easily been a 12.5 run.  Damn that is fast for 9B turbos!!

Click here for the drag times for the day

Lined up in the pits: Patrick, Jed, Mark, Matt, Curt, and John is in the back

Look... It is a 3000GT Spyder. (It is Matt's)