Rock Falls Raceway, August 15, 1999

We made another trip to the drag strip for 1999.  Mark, John and myself made the trip.  John drove his 91 Laser and Mark and I drove our Stealths.  The weather was good and we got plenty of runs in.  Rock Falls had another Import day going on.

I met a lot of DSM owners that I had e-mailed before but never met.  The most interesting thing that happened was a 92 3000GT VR4 blew its motor on his last run.  It had to be trailered home.  It dumped oil all over the track and blue smoke was everywhere.

John won a trophy for getting through two rounds.  We all had a great time

Drag times can be found here.

I lost to a Toyota pickup in the far lane.  I bogged and got a 13.7, the truck got a 13.4

From left to right.  The 3000GT that blew up, John Walsh, Mark, and me.

Hmm...  Here I am losing to an AWD Talon.  This elimanated me from competition.

John B's 91 Laser

Here is Mark making a run.

Shane Ziegler's Eclipse and the 3000GT

Scott Jann in his 98 GSX gets the jump on John B.  But John ended up beating him by a hair.

The now famous 3000GT that blew up its motor.

John Walsh and his Galant VR4.  He got a 13.78 on this run.  His time is in the next picture.

Mike Fossum and his AWD Talon

Brent Rau's 95 GSX.  What a monster at the track!!  On the next picture, you can see he got a 10.43 1/4 mile time!!!

John....  Its not raining, why did you turn on your wipers??