Rock Falls Raceway, April 18, 1999
Oskar, Francis, John and myself left Minnesota early this Sunday morning.  It was about 6:40am when our caravan left the Champs restaurant parking lot.  Our destination was Rock Falls Raceway, about 80 miles into Wisconsin, near Eau Claire.  My girlfriend Stacy, John's fiancee Christiana, and Francis's fiancee Aimee also joined us on this fun day.  A couple friends of Aimee met us at the drag strip a little later.  They raced a 96 Mercedes and a 92 R/T TT.  A DSMer, John Walsh, also came there to watch.  He owned a 91 Galant VR4. 

I think I can speak for everyone by saying, "this was AWESOME."  Everyone had a great time, even though the weather was a little cool and there were a lot of delays due to old muscle cars dumping oil and tranny fluid all over the track.  The only other Japanese cars there were a MR2 and a Acrura Integra with NOS.  I really wish I could of had my Stealth there, but instead I raced my 96 Eclipse GSX.  My goal was to hit 14.5 seconds.  I accomplished that with a 14.495 @92.9mph.
Check out the Drag Times page for all of our results
Oskar and Curt ready for second time trial
Francis explaining the bleeder valve concept
Oskar, Francis, John, and Curt
Hey John, shut your car off and stay awhile. :)
Curt's 96 GSX
My girlfriend Stacy getting beamed up by the Starship Enterprise
Francis's 93 R/T TT
Oskar's white face gauges, and his Autometer gauges in the center pods
Oskar is the first one in line
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