October 98 Gathering

The day was Sunday, October 11th, 1998. The gathering was at the Champs restaurant parking lot in Woodbury, MN. T was the first one there in his 94 VR4. I was the second person there along with a friend of mine, Levi. Levi owns a 95 MX6, but he will own a 3/S one of these days. I got out and introduced myself and then we started to look over each others cars. Oskar soon pulled up in his 95 TT. I was in total amazement over the fact that Oskar's car was identical to mine other than color. I had only seen a handful of 95 Stealths on the road and even fewer with the 18 inch chrome wheels. Francis made his appearance in his 93 TT about a half an hour later. Finally everyone was there. We talked cars for an hour or so and then we went inside to get a bite to eat. After lunch, we took some pictures of our cars and talk some more. There were two interesting things that happened. First a lady in a white Talon tried to join our gathering by pulling in and asking what kind of engine she had. Then later on, a truck carrying a chest of drawers, lost there cargo on the road next to Champs. It made a loud noise as it hit the ground. We all went over there and lifted the chest back into the pickup. It was our good deed for the day.
Enjoy the pictures!!

new-front-all.jpg (43574 bytes) new-rear-all.jpg (41368 bytes) new-95TTsideview.jpg (36248 bytes)

Don't we look cool?

new-95TTclose-up2.jpg (34953 bytes)  new-95TTangle1.jpg (40550 bytes)   new-95TTclose-up1.jpg (33890 bytes)

new-curts95rearclose-up.jpg (34880 bytes)  Studs-in-action.jpg (64635 bytes)
                                                                Muscle and good looking cars.


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