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Minnesota Sport Compact Meet, May 31, 2003

A bunch of MN 3/S members drove over to Staring Lake Park in Eden Prairie to join up for the Minnesota Sport Compact meet. There were a ton of cars there.  Probably around 100 or so.  Chris D, Francis, Andy P, Dan T, Taishi, Jeremy, Josh, Champa, Derek G, Curt Gr, Brandon, Mike E, and myself were there.  It was a really good time!!   The MNSC guys put on a heck of a meet.  Enjoy the pics!

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The MN 3/S line up
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The front of the meet
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Lots of cars!!
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Zoomed in shot of Jeremy's 94 VR4
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A really big picture!
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The back side of the meet
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Another shot of the MN 3/S guys
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Curt and Curt's Spyders :-)
tm-mnsc-may0317.jpg (4272 bytes) Movie (10 meg, 33 sec.)

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