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The Lake Minnetonka Gathering, 2000

On July 15th, 2000, several owners met up at Shawn and Ed's place on Lake Minnetonka for some fun.  There were 11 cars that showed up.  I was actually only expecting eight.  So it was nice to see such a strong turnout.  Each club member brought there own food item and Ed grilled up all the food.  We even had time to mod Dan's 99 VR4 with a K&N.  We also went on a 2 hour boat ride of the lake.  It was a lot of fun.

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From near to far it goes: Shawn, Lee, Derek H, Dan, Lawrence, Stacy, Derek G, Cheri, Shannon. (Doran and Dennis came later) Derek G and Lawrence talking cars
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Dennis and Doran's cars on on the end now. Shannon, Derek G, Cheri, Doran, Luana, Derek H, Dennis, Shawn, Lawrence, Lee, Stacy, Dan, and Curt
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The K&N install Curt performing rocket science on those peske airbox tabs.

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