The Lake Minnetonka Gathering
The Lake Minnetonka Gathering was held at Shawn and Ed's place on the lake.  The day was Saturday, July 24th, 1999.  It was a very hot and humid day.  The temps were well into the 90s and the dewpoint was in the 70s.  We had a total of 14 cars make it to the gathering.  This was a Minnesota 3/S record!!  I think I can speak for everyone there by saying it was an AWESOME day.

We started off with a lot of car talk as people showed up.  I attempted to fix my pathetic wax job on my Stealth.  But no luck with that.  It was just to darn hot.  We eventually had lunch.  Each person brought a food item.  We had some brauts, burgers and some now famous noodle salad.  And a lot of other snacks.  After lunch, we took some sweet car pictures. 

After the pictures some people went on a boat ride around the lake.  A few of us lagged behind because there was no more room on the boat.  After the boat ride concluded a lot of people started filing out.  But that took awhile with all the socializing that was going on.  Pretty soon it was just Stacy, I, and Shawn and Ed.  Ed was nice enough to take us on a three hour boat tour of the lake.  Thanks Ed!!  And thanks to Shawn for putting on this memorable event.

Enjoy the pics!!
Thats Francis and Shannon discussing the difference between 96 pearl white and 93 pearl white.
We had 11 cars at this point.
Those beutiful rear ends.
From left to right: Shawn, Curt, Francis, John, Matt, Mark, T, Lawrence, Shannon, Doran, Phil, Chris, and Justin
Oskar showing up fashionable late.
With Oskar's car, that makes 14 3/Ses.
The whole gang. You know I had to get a picture of my car in here. :)