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Glencoe Car Show, 2001

On June 9th, 2001, John, Russ and I attended the Glencoe Car Show.  We all entered our cars in the show.  We were in the "Sports Car" category.   We were also the only ones in this category.  I was the first place winner and John was the second place winner.  We all had fun at the show because a lot of people were coming up to us asking about our cars.  They were amazed to see three Stealths there.  Glencoe has never seen so many exotic cars.  :-)

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Curt, John and Russ
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Russ has been busy polishing his aluminum rims
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Some pics of the reflection off my car
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Get it, the rim and rim??
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Thats me
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Christine and John
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You can see my stencil job on the caliper

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