Fall Rural Cruise

Some of us met for a rural cruise on October 16, 1999.  Francis, Lee, Derek G, Rich, Jergen, and myself met in the Wal-Mart parking lot, in Eden Prarie.  We talked for awhile, took some pictures, and then heading on some roads along the Minnesota river.  Lee didn't come on the cruise portion of this gathering.  We went through the towns of Carver, Henderson, and Belle Plaine.  In Belle Plaine we stopped at a Dairy Queen to eat.  The service there was super slow.  Then we filled up with gas next door at the Conoco station.  Gas was 15 cents cheaper than in the Cities.

The cruise consisted of a lot of curvey and scenic roads.  The most memorable part is when a Dodge Durango past us goin like 80mph.  I then waited for minute, and proceeded to catch the Durango.  Lets just say I was going fast.  ;)  We had a great time and it was nice to meet up with some of our newer members.

From left to right: Francis, Jergen, Derek G, Lee, Rich, Doran, Curt

We stopped in Henderson to stretch

After eating at Dairy Queen, we filled up at the gas station across the street