All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show 1999

The date was August 28th, 1999.  Some of our club members met up with a whole bunch of DSM owners for the 1st annual All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show.  We desended on Staring Lake Park in Eden Prairie.  Myself and a few others got there at 10am to set up for the show.

Around 11am cars started to show up steadily for the next hour.  Francis did all the cooking of brauts and burgers and I handled the registration.  Derek Hayes, Mark Cook and John Basol helped with setting things up also.

We had over 20 cars show up for the show.  Prizes were given out for different categories.  And there was lots of food for everyone.  There were also some spectaters wandering over from other parts of the park.  They were wondering what was going on.  They were amazed that something like this had that much support.  Maybe next year we can get over 40 cars.

Old Cookout sign up sheet

Awesome banner, thanks to Steve Kozar

Yep, I had to put my two cars on the end of each row. :)

The enterance to the All Mitsu cookout

The 3/S side of the show

All those cars got a lot of attention

Brent Rau's monster

13 DSMs in this row

Some of the DSM owners hanging out

Guess who's 95 R/T TT?   hehe.