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All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show, 2002

A big THANKS! to all who came out to the 4th Annual All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show, and to all the people who gave me a hand for this huge gathering.  We had a recorded setting number of cars.  41 DSMs, 24 3/Ses, 7 3Gs, and 3 "others."   That makes a grand total of 75 cars.  WOW!   The cookout was held at Weaver Lake Park in Maple Grove and we had excellent weather this year.  If you want to see the sign up list, go here:

Here were the awards handed out for this year:
Best DSM:                            Derek Hennekens, 92 Eclipse GSX
Best modified DSM:              Bryan Rabe, 97 Eclipse GST
Best 3/S:                               Shawn Tripet, 95 3000GT VR4 Spyder
Best modified 3/S:                 Francis Morice, 96 Stealth R/T TT
Best 3G (Eclipse/Stratus)      Jesse Geiken,  03 Eclipse GTS Spyder
Best modified 3G                  Greg Sallee, 01 Eclipse
Best other:                            Reid Geisler, 87 Conquest TSi
Best modified other:              Jim Klubertanz, 89 Conquest TSi
Cleanest car overall:              Taishi Murakami, 94 3000GT VR4
Long Distance:                      Travis Snow, 97 Eclipse GSX, Minot, ND

Ross Rafferty has some pics posted on his site at:

Here are my pics:

tm-cookout20021.jpg (3016 bytes)
The 3/S row and the 3G row
tm-cookout20022.jpg (2919 bytes)
Nice shot of the front side of the show
tm-cookout20023.jpg (3639 bytes) tm-cookout20024.jpg (3759 bytes)
tm-cookout20025.jpg (3313 bytes) tm-cookout20026.jpg (3479 bytes) tm-cookout20027.jpg (3786 bytes)
One DSM row
tm-cookout20028.jpg (3178 bytes)
The other DSM row
tm-cookout20029.jpg (3570 bytes)
The two Conquests
tm-cookout200210.jpg (3758 bytes)
The 3Gs lined up
tm-cookout200211.jpg (2926 bytes)
Some of the 3/Ses.
tm-cookout200212.jpg (3316 bytes)
tm-cookout200213.jpg (4222 bytes)
Good shot of the back side of the show.
tm-cookout200214.jpg (3611 bytes) tm-cookout200215.jpg (3393 bytes) tm-cookout200216.jpg (3056 bytes)
tm-cookout200217.jpg (2881 bytes)
More 3/Ses
tm-cookout200218.jpg (3311 bytes)
The "other" category
tm-cookout200219.jpg (2982 bytes)
The newest Mitsus on the left and the classic Mitsus on the right.
tm-cookout200220.jpg (3027 bytes)
Awesome shot of the front of the show.
tm-cookout200221.jpg (3798 bytes) tm-cookout200222.jpg (3951 bytes) tm-cookout200223.jpg (3630 bytes)
Row 1 and 2 are the DSMs, Row 3 is the 3/Ses, Row 4 is the 3Gs, and Row 5 is the "others."
tm-cookout200224.jpg (4438 bytes)
Top side view of all the people.


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