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All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show, 2001

A big THANKS! to all who came out to the 3rd Annual All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show.  I moved the Cookout to Sunday, August 26th.  Of course, it decided to rain this day.  Argghh!!  We had about 55 cars registered and a total of about 60 Mitsubishis at the Cookout.

Here were the awards handed out for this year:
Best DSM:                     Brad Strand, 97 Eclipse GSX
Best modified DSM:       Thai Nguyen, 95-96 Eclipse
Best 3/S:                        Shawn Tripet, 95 3000GT VR4 Spyder
Best modified 3/S:          Francis Morice, 96 Stealth R/T TT
Best other:                     Dennis Ohlenkamp, 00 Eclipse GT
Best modified other:       Ross Rafferty, 01 Eclipse GT
Cleanest car overall:       Terry Neuberger, 97 Eclipse GS-T
Long Distance:               Bev and Gene Helms, 96 Stealth R/T TT  (Quad Cities, IA)

This year we had a vendor handing out prizes, plus several people brought prizes to give away.  Basiclly everyone walked away with something.  It was a lot of fun.  If you want to see the sign up list, go here:

There are a couple of other websites with pics from the Cookout.  They are here:

Enjoy the pics:

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Front shot of all the cars
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My Cordia and the "other" class
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The 3G Eclipses
tm-cookout20016.jpg (4192 bytes)
Curt's Stealth
tm-cookout20017.jpg (3036 bytes)
The 3/S side
tm-cookout20018.jpg (2841 bytes)
More 3/S side
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The DSM side
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tm-cookout200113.jpg (3559 bytes)
Steve Hill's version of a DSM
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Hangin' out


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