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All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show, 2000

This years Cookout was even bigger and better than last years.  We had 42 cars participate in the car show and a few others stopped by to check things out.  The cookout was held on August 26th, 2000 at Staring Lake Park in Eden Prairie.

There were three different categories of cars.  3/Ses, DSMs and other Mitsubishis.  Prizes were given out for several categories.   Here are the winners:
Best DSM:                     Keith Koch, 92 Talon TSi AWD
Best modified DSM:      Patrick Kromrey, 95 Eclipse GSX
Best 3/S:                        Derek Hayes, 93 base Stealth
Best modified 3/S:         Oskar Persson, 95 Stealth R/T TT
Best other:                     Russell Schwanke, 88 Conquest TSi
Best modified other:      Zaheer Khan, 00 Eclipse GS
Cleanest car overall:      Bev and Gene Helms, 96 Stealth R/T TT
Long Distance:               Patrick Kromrey, Texas

There was also a Mitsubishi trivia contest which was a lot of fun.  I had some tuff questions on there, but they all got answered.  Several door prizes were donated by Greg Sheely.  Overall the cookout and car show was a huge success.  Everyone I talked to had a blast.  Thanks to everyone that came out.  If you'd like to see the sign up list, go here:

Now how am I going to top this one for next year??  Hmmm........

Enjoy the pics:

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The 3/S side
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The DSM side
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Shawn Tripet's 3000GT
tm-cookout20005.jpg (2703 bytes)
Dennis Begley's 3000GT
tm-cookout20006.jpg (2655 bytes) tm-cookout20007.jpg (2973 bytes)
Bev and Gene Helm's Stealth
tm-cookout20008.jpg (2497 bytes)
A lot of hungry Mitsu owners
tm-cookout20009.jpg (2862 bytes)
Francis the chef
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Jesse Geiken, Shane Ziegler, Patrick Kromrey, and Patrick Jens.
tm-cookout200012.jpg (2898 bytes)
Shawn Tripet and Tom Stuber mulling over there voting selections.
tm-cookout200013.jpg (2657 bytes)
A lot of DSM owners
tm-cookout200014.jpg (2211 bytes)
Zaheer Khan and Russ Schwanke's cars
tm-cookout200015.jpg (2703 bytes)
Chris Turcotte's Eclipse
tm-cookout200016.jpg (2610 bytes)
My new Stealth and the rest of MN 3/S
tm-cookout200017.jpg (2180 bytes)
Lots of hopped up DSMs.
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The front of the cookout
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If you could count them all, it would be 42 cars
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