Champs Gathering, November 1999

Usually you think of November in Minnesota as down right cold, but this November has been unusually warm.  On Saturday, November 13th, eight of us met at the Champs restaurant in Woodbury for some car talk and food.  The tempatures were in the upper 60s.  Not bad!!  We met there around 1pm.  After about 45 minutes of talking we went in to eat.  Rich couldn't stay for the food portion and Phil and Lawrence came around 2:30 and joined us.  Francis, Rich, Lee, Matt, T, Phil, Lawrence and mysef made it to the event.

The sad news of the day came when T told us that he has taken a job out in California and he will be moving out there before the end of the year.  T will be sadly missed.  :(

95 VR4 Spyder, 96 R/T TT, 95 R/T TT, 95 R/T TT, 94 VR4, 93 R/T TT

Rich, T, and Lee

Matt, Francis, Curt, Lee, T, and Rich

Green grass and 60s in November??