Brainard racing with the Z club

Mark, Ron and Oskar joined the ZOOM club of Minnesota (Nissan) for some racing at Brainard International Raceway.  They had to meet on Friday night for a driver's meeting and then they got to hit the track on Saturday.  On Saturday, October 9th, 1999, Shawn, John, Francis, Lawrence, and myself went up to Brainard to watch.  It was quite the site to see those 3/Ses whipping around the corners and accelerating past 120mph on the straight away.

Mark went through his stock brake pads by the end of the second session.  Oskar broke a Stillen roter, and melted his brake pads during the course of the day.  John, Mark, Oskar and I went to Perkins after the races.  Oskar put Mark's old pads on his left front calipers after discovering his pads had melted and reformed as a clump and was rubbing on the rotor.  Luckily we all pitched in and played a part in Oskar getting home.

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Another picture of the rotor.  There is a stress fracture in the part that covers the hub.

Oskar's cracked rotor

John's 95 R/T TT

O.K, so I took a lot of pictures of my car.  The trees had some nice color to them.

Ron Davis and his 97 VR4

A Porsche 911

Curt and John

Oskar changing his brakes in the Perkins parking lot in Brainard

Melted Stillen Metal Matrix pads.