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2004 Auto Show Gathering

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Auto Show Gathering on March 13th.  We had Matt J, John Ba, John Br, Russ S, Andy P, Oskar, Dan T, Lowell, both Chris Deutsches, DJ, Cory, and David W.  Anytime you can get 14 owners together in the cold rain, you're doing good.  We had breakfast over at Perkins, and then headed over to the show.   There was a really good variety of cars this year.  Enjoy the pics.


DJ, Chris D the 2nd, Stacy
Cory pulling in
Andy P, Russ S, John Ba
Another Perkins pic
P3120005.JPG P3120006.JPG
John Br
In the parking ramp
P3130008.JPG P3130009.JPG
Ford GT
P3130010.JPG P3130012.JPG
Oskar checking out the 350z
Cadallic Supercar?
P3130015.JPG P3130016.JPG P3130017.JPG
What has Russ been doing for a side job?
Lotus Elise

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