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Auto Show, 2001

This was the third year in a row that we've met up to go to the Greater Minneapolis Auto Show.  We met up at Perkins in Golden Valley for breakfast.  After that, we took some pictures and then headed over to the show.  John, Oskar, Francis, Derek G, Nate and myself were all there.  Oskar, Francis and I all took our Stealths out.   Even though there was still 20" of snow on the ground.

The Auto Show was a lot of fun.  We spent a lot of time in the Mitsubishi area.  They had there concept vehicle the SSU there.  It is a cross bread of Sport Utility and Sports car.  It is suppose to have the VR4 engine in it.  I have a photo below showing the underside of the engine.   Looks like the engine is reversed.  The tranny is on the driver's side.

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Curt's 95 Stealth
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Curt, Francis and Oskar's Stealths
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2001 Viper
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Secret spy photo of the Mitsubishi SSU
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Another shot of the SSU
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Again the Mitsubishi SSU

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