Autocross, June 99

The day was Sunday, June 6th, 1999.  The place was the Dakota County Technical College.  This is where the Autocross is put on by the Minnesota Autosports Club. (MAC)  Oskar, Matt, and myself were racing.  Oskar with his Stealth, Matt with his friend's Talon, and I raced my Eclipse.  Shawn and T came to watch and Shawn's huseband raced his 911 turbo.  Autocrossing is setting up a coarse full of cones and seeing how fast you can run the coarse.  This type of racing has a lot to do with driver skill.  With the right driver, and Eclipse can easily beat a 3/S.  This is not so true in drag racing.  Matt's friend Pete has a 91 VR4 and he parked in our same area, along with Patrick and Ken who also own 1g DSMs.  The whole autocross thing was a lot of fun.  Autocrossing is probably more fun to watch than drag racing, because there is always something going on.  But I personally think drag racing is more fun to actually compete in.

Results for the autocross are here. (When Matt finishs the page)

Minnesota Autosports Club home page

Curt running the Autocross

Ken and Patrick (DSM buddies)

Curt's 96 GSX, Matt's 95 VR4 Spyder, Pete's 91 VR4

Oskar's 95 R/T TT

Pete, Matt, and Curt