Auto Show 1999 Gathering

tm-mar99-rest2.jpg (2713 bytes)
In Perkins: Levi, Curt, Oskar, T's friend, T, Shawn
tm-mar99-rest1.jpg (2252 bytes)
In Perkins: Christine, John, Justin and his girlfriend, Chris and his girlfriend
tm-blackstealth.jpg (2687 bytes)
Curt's 95 R/T TT
tm-mar99-engine.jpg (3133 bytes)
John reving his engine to elimate the infamous lifter ticking
tm-mar99-curt1.jpg (2699 bytes)
Another pic of Curt's Stealth
tm-mar99-group.jpg (2722 bytes)
The 3/S group: Curt, John, Shawn, T, T's friend, Oskar, and Chris
tm-mar99-prkrd1.jpg (2167 bytes)
The cars: T's, Shawn's, Justin's, Curt's, Chris's, and John's
tm-mar99-prkrd2.jpg (2069 bytes)
tm-mar99-pkrkrd3.jpg (2106 bytes) tm-mar99-t1.jpg (2745 bytes)
T's 94 VR4
tm-mar99-tails.jpg (2246 bytes)
The rear ends: Curt's, Shawn's, John's, T's, Chris's
tm-mar99-3kfront1.jpg (2506 bytes)
Shawn's 93 3000GT
tm-mar99-3khood.jpg (2490 bytes)
Justin's 3000GT SL
tm-mar99-crtside2.jpg (2451 bytes)
John's 95 R/T TT
tm-mar99-just.jpg (2360 bytes)
Justin's 3000GT
tm-mar99-s3kside2.jpg (2554 bytes)
Shawn's 93 3000GT
tm-mar99-tdecal.jpg (1563 bytes) tm-mar99-curtrear.jpg (2321 bytes)
Boy do people like taking pictures of my rear end. I wish I would of gotten this much attention when I was younger. :)
tm-mar99-s3krear3.jpg (2591 bytes) tm-mar99-s3krear1.jpg (2387 bytes)
tm-mar99-crsside1.jpg (2395 bytes)
Chris's 92 VR4
tm-convoy.jpg (2647 bytes)
Into the parking ramp we go
tm-redtwins.jpg (2462 bytes)
Justin's and Shawn's

tm-rearends.jpg (2806 bytes)
Chris, Justin and John... Ready to peel out to the Auto Show

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