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Lunch at Alligators, April 2001

On April 28, 2001 we met up at Alligators up in Maple Grove, for lunch.  We had a great turnout.  We sort of had 11 cars total.  Matt showed up in his Spyder briefly and then gave Oskar a ride.  They had a little car trouble so they didn't make it back.  Jordan, James, Cheri, Derek G, Shannon, Rich, Dan, Kim, Oskar, Matt, Stacy and I were all there.  Thats a great turnout for just a lunch.  (It was originally suppose to be the Road Rally)  Thanks for coming everyone!!

Too bad our service sucked so bad at Alligators.  We won't be going there again.  Enjoy the pics!

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All lined up at Alligators
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From left to right: Rich, James, Curt, Jordan, Oskar, Derek G, Cheri, Dan, Shannon, Kim
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