Upper Midwest Gathering, 2006
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Upper Midwest Gathering, 2006

The 7th Annual, Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering, was held May 19-21 in Wisconsin Dells.  We had 42 3/Ses and 53 owners from across the Midwest make the trip.  Thanks to everyone for making it a fun weekend.  Friday night we had dinner at Houilhans and made an ice cream run to Culvers.  On Saturday we went to the Automotion car show, then had lunch at Pizza Pub.  In the afternoon we rode the duck boats, and drove some go-karts.  Saturday evening we chilled at the hotel with a huge cookout.  Sunday was just as fun with the rural cruise and lunch at Danny's Diner.   Hope everyone had fun.  Here are my pics, they should be on three seperate pages:

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At Houlihans
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At the hotel, Saturday morning
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SJ's arrival
At Automotion car show
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A rare site
Pizza Pub
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